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Project Description
At last, a fully-managed implemementation of the Zettabyte File System. World-class data integrity, buttery-smooth administration, and top-tier performance.

ManagedZFS Just Launched!

Aug. 27th 2012

The CodePlex project for ManagedZFS launched today. Currently there isn't much in the source code repo, but we aim to fix that as quickly as possible! This project is a re-implementation of the whole ZFS filesystem specification, written in pure C#, designed to be as portable as possible. Where current implementations provide a filesystem to the operating system to utilize, our goal is instead to provide an API which makes calls against a background service that will handle the underlying operations. Interacting with a filesystem using an API allows powerful management and control from a variety of avenues, starting with the old-fashioned CLI ('zpool' and 'zfs' commands e.g. Solaris), but also including more user-friendly methods of interacting like desktop and web-based GUIs.

As of the launch of the project today, the team consists of but one person. If you are interested in joining this project, feel free to apply. I will follow up promptly

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